Tonya’s Spark for Change

Tonya's Spark for Change

We are in a season of giving thanks! Looking back over my natural hair journey, there are so many things I’m thankful for.

In 2001, I began my natural hair journey. Embracing my natural hair was the beginning of accepting the whole me. As a result, my natural hair has been the spark of four positive life changes that I’m grateful for!

1. Perm Disaster

In the past, I would visit the hair salon on a regular basis to get a perm touch up. During one of my salon visits, the stylist overbooked herself and my hair was over processed. This result was due to my stylist servicing too many clients at one time. Unfortunately, I experienced some hair loss. This incident was a blessing in disguise. After this incident, I chose to give up the ‘creamy crack’ and embrace my natural hair!

2. Accented Glory

I’ve been creating beautiful things by hand since childhood. It has always been therapeutic for me by providing calmness and relaxation. As an avid hair accessory wearer, I had a hard time finding “natural hair friendly” accessories. I was looking for ones that wouldn’t cause damage to my textured hair. Long story short, I decided to use my gifts and talents to create my own hair accessories. This in turn birthed my brand Accented Glory! Accented Glory is a handcrafted women fashion accessory brand. My specialty is natural hair accessory and jewelry designs.

3. My Tribe

I’ve connected with some amazing people since I have been on my natural hair journey. The natural hair community has been very loving and supportive. I’ve cultivated some great relationships with other natural hair brands and businesses. The ladies I’ve met have been there for me through my entrepreneurial ups and downs; to cheer me on or cheer me up! The sisterhood and bond between us have been both inspiring and motivating.

4. Good Health

My natural hair journey has been the catalyst for developing a healthy lifestyle. Being conscientious of what I put on my scalp and hair, has led me to also consider what I eat. Several years ago, I began to make healthier food choices. I started to drink more water and exercise on a regular basis. In November 2016, I decided to take my efforts a step further and hired a nutritionist. My goal was to reach a healthier weight. I’m happy to share that I have lost over 30lbs.

My natural hair journey has taught me a lot about myself, my passions, and my drive. Whether it’s building a brand or establishing a healthy lifestyle. I know that with the right tools I can do anything I put my mind to. I’m very thankful for the experiences I’ve had through my hair journey. I look forward to more positive changes to come!

Tonya Cross


Tonya Cross is the visionary of Accented Glory. Accented Glory is a handcrafted women fashion accessory brand that specialize in natural hair accessory and jewelry designs. Tonya has been natural for over 15 years and creating beautiful things by hand since childhood. She’s also a natural hair influencer and has a guide for naturals that shares tips about styling with hair accessories. Click here to learn more about her styling guide. Follow her on Instagram

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