8 New Years Resolutions for 2018

I spend a lot of time reflecting during this time of year. I look back on the choices I have made and evaluate the life lessons I’ve learned. This season is also an opportunity for new beginnings; a time to choose a new path and start with a clean slate.

Have you considered what will be your catalyst for an epic year? How will you fill the blank pages of the New Year? Answer these questions with one (1) of the eight (8) resolution ideas listed below.

1. Hair Vision Board

Do you have hair goals you want to accomplish in 2018? Making a hair vision board is a creative way to start the year. A vision board is an amazing tool for visualization. It’ll help you establish your intentions, clarify your goals, and create a plan of action. I’m the type of girl who thinks experiences are better shared. Why create your vision board alone when you can host a vision board party with your curl friends! Click here for the four things you need to create the perfect hair vision board.

2. Try Something Different

Trying something different is always better with friends! Group activity events are very popular right now. There is a wide range of activity options from painting to hip-hop yoga. You can organize a Curl Friend Day Out and learn something new together. Forewarning, these group activities are full of fun and laughter. Your curl friends will want you to plan more outings throughout the year! Click here to find a Painting With A Twist event near you.

3. Invest In Yourself

This is a great resolution for my fellow natural hair influencers. Take a class, webinar, or course that will help you better serve your audience. We should be “forever” learners and willing to invest in our craft. The topic possibilities are endless! From marketing to hair care classes find something that’ll interest you. I’m kicking off 2018 with a fashion accessory designer course. My favorite types of courses are online courses that allow you to work at your own pace! Click here to check out some free online courses.

4. Love Your Tribe

Life is too short! Stop wasting time and energy on people that are not an asset to you. Love on those who both uplift and inspire you to be a better version of yourself. Find ways to show them how much you appreciate the role they play in your life. Click here to learn ways to show love through words, behavior, and gestures.

8 New Years Resolutions for 2018

5. Take A Mini-Vacation

For your mini-vacation, you can book a room at a local hotel or resort and unplug. Another option is a staycation; you can stay at home or camp-out in your backyard and unplug. Unplug by taking a break from your electronics and doing relaxing activities. Who doesn’t love a good massage, evening stroll, or great book? I know I do and you can do them all during your vacation! Click here for tips for an awesome stay at home vacation.

6. Get More Organized

If you function better in clutter, this one is not for you! Organized things allow me to be more creative. Clutter has a negative affect on my productivity and mood. A clutter-free environment is also a pathway for me to get things done quicker. If clutter free sounds like something you need in your life, strive to get more organized in 2018. Click here for 12 ways to get organized.

7. Focus on Self-Care

Curl friends please make time for yourself in 2018! Sow into your well-being whether its physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. To be your best self for others you have to replenish and restore yourself. Self-care can be something as simple as daily meditation or reading a few chapters of a book. Self-preservation is not a selfish gesture. It is something much needed for your health. Click here for some more self-care ideas you can start doing now!

8. Become More Social

And I’m not talking about social media! I’m talking about in-person face to face socializing. Get out from behind the keyboard and shut off your mobile devices. Be active when you engage with others. You can learn a lot about a person by looking them in the eye and having an actual conversation! For my introverted curl friends, no worries I got you. Click here for tips for public engagements.

8 New Years Resolutions for 2018

My hope is that you find these ideas intriguing and fill your new year blank pages with some of them. Happy New Year curl friends and let’s make 2018 epic.

Tonya Cross
Tonya Cross


Tonya Cross is the visionary of Accented Glory. Accented Glory is a handcrafted women fashion accessory brand that specialize in natural hair accessory and jewelry designs. Tonya has been natural for over 15 years and creating beautiful things by hand since childhood. She’s also a natural hair influencer and has a guide for naturals that shares tips about styling with hair accessories. Click here to learn more about her styling guide. Follow her on Instagram

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