3 Concepts to Focus on Before the New Year

A new year is approaching! What do you foresee for yourself in the coming year? What would make 2018 an epic year for you?  I ponder these questions every year around this time. Each year I brainstorm and map out a plan. There are three basic things that I focus on that you may also find helpful to prep for the New Year!

1. Intentions

Whether it’s personal or related to my brand or organization, I sit down and decide what I want to do. Keep in mind, intentions should be in the moment. Decide what matters most to you and what you value. Intentions often get confused with goals. Goals are something that’s attainable and intentions embrace the journey. For me, providing quality Accented Glory designs and content is very important to me. That’s my journey. I want my designs and content to add value and solve my customers’ hair accessory woes. My primary intention is not on making money. It’s about providing a meaningful experience for my brand.

Then I allow my intentions to shape my goals. These goals measure how many people I can have a positive impact on with my intentions. The goals I set for myself are realistic. I’m also able to assess both my progress and where I need improvement.

3 Concepts to Focus on Before the New Year
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2. Clarity

Being a creative, I’m a very visual person. I learn better by seeing and having hands-on experience. To gain clarity of my vision for the new year, I create a vision board. A vision board is an amazing tool used to help identify my goals. My vision board acts as a visual reminder of my intentions and goals for the year. I hang it up in my workspace to keep me focused on why I do what I do.

I keep my vision board simple. I focus on one topic, whether it’s personal or business related. For example, this year my focus has been my health. My intention was to be a healthier version of myself. Almost everything I did this year stemmed from that intention. While on my healthy journey, I have lost over 35lbs this year. This is a testament to how setting smaller realistic goals can add up to a great accomplishment.

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3. Action

I’m learning how to invest in myself and my vision. When most people hear the word investment they think of money. But, it isn’t always monetary. Your time, gifts, and talents are valuable too. I’ve been taking some free online classes that are helping me perfect my craft and market my brand.

As the manager of my organization’s Facebook support group for entrepreneurs. Digital Marketing On a Budget has been very helpful in implementing action plans. In the group, I’m learning how to break huge tasks into smaller doable action steps. One of my goals for 2018 is to have Accented Glory designs in a boutique. I have already started establishing and building relationships with boutiques in my niche. Once I build a steady rapport, I plan to send them a sample design. Then I will follow-up and see if they’re interested in any of my wholesale items!

3 Concepts to Focus on Before the New Year
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“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!” – Benjamin Franklin

The above quote is so true! A plan of action is a necessity whether your goals are personal or business related. A plan requires intention, clarity, and action. I hope my New Year prep plan will encourage you to start thinking about your vision for 2018. I hope points you in the direction of a successful year. Happy Holidays, Dear Curl Friend Fam!

3 Concepts to Focus on Before the New Year

Tonya Cross
Tonya Cross


Tonya Cross is the visionary of Accented Glory. Accented Glory is a handcrafted women fashion accessory brand that specialize in natural hair accessory and jewelry designs. Tonya has been natural for over 15 years and creating beautiful things by hand since childhood. She’s also a natural hair influencer and has a guide for naturals that shares tips about styling with hair accessories. Click here to learn more about her styling guide. Follow her on Instagram

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