7 Healthy Hair Secrets from Natural Hair Blogger, Sheila Ndinda

You may know Sheila Ndinda from her Natural hair blog, African Tresses and Treats (which is currently going through a re-brand). Or from her viral Instagram photos where you will be sure to spot her rocking the cutest hairstyles. Or you may know her as the cover girl for the first volume of IT IS MY HAIR! magazine. Either way, you have probably seen her somewhere on the internet, or you have probably heard of her as a beauty influencer to look out for.

I reached out to the kinky-haired beauty to ask her to share her healthy hair secrets with fellow curl friends. Not only was she kind enough to let us in on her secrets, she emphasized her preference for health over length. Here are steps she has religiously undertaken throughout her natural hair journey to ensure her hair stays healthy:

A Balanced Diet and Sufficient Hydration

I’ve taken into consideration the foods and nutrients that I have been consuming on a daily basis. I make sure to drink 3 litres of water every day so I can stay hydrated. Drinking a lot of water helps to maintain healthy and soft mane. Our hair shafts are made up of water and when they get the proper amount of water they require to flourish, then our hair grows. I also add a lot of proteins and vegetables to my diet. Great protein sources like meat, lentils, and beans are a great source of Vitamin A which is a great nutrient that helps promote healthy hair growth.

Thorough Cleansing

I never skip the shampoo step during wash days. The key to a full head of a healthy mane is to have a cleansed scalp. In order to have a clean scalp, it is ideal to make sure to cleanse your scalp using a shampoo during every wash day. This will give it the clean slate that it needs in order to receive the healthy nourishment it yearns for it to flourish and grow.

Weekly Deep Conditioning Sessions

Deep condition weekly without fail. I can’t stress the importance of hydrating our strands. Moisture equals to Healthy hair and deep conditioning regularly ensures our hair strands are infused with moisture.

Occasional Scalp Massages

Incorporating Scalp Massages have changed the game for me. Scalp massages help to increase blood circulation to the roots of the scalp which in return leads to accelerated healthy hair growth. Use of oils with antibacterial and antifungal properties also helps reduce the occurrence of dandruff and also helps to grow back thinning edges which in return promote healthier hair.

Adding Moisture

Moisturizing our hair strands constantly. I personally like to moisturize my hair daily by just spritzing some water and sealing in that moisture with an oil or butter. Our natural hair is naturally dry and we MUST infuse moisture into it to ensure it stays healthy and free from breakage.

Keeping Hands To Oneself

Little to no manipulation in between wash days has enabled me to retain so much length. I have realized that my hair starts to break when I am constantly touching it and manipulating it so much. Throughout my hair journey, I have come to learn that my hair strives when it’s left alone. Low manipulation styles like flat twists and two strand twists have been protecting my hair from breakage and unnecessary moisture loss.

Regular Trims

Trimming hair regularly. The ends of our hair are the most fragile and are more prone to breakage. There is no point of holding onto those dead ends because lack of trimming will cause them to break off. How often you should trim your hair depends on your ends. If you find that your ends are thinning then it is time for a trim. If you don’t trim your hair the split ends will start to taper off and your hair will look thinner. Trimming your ends will promote more length retention and healthier hair.


7 Healthy Hair Secrets from Natural Hair Blogger, Sheila Ndinda

Acquelline Wanjiru
Acquelline Wanjiru


Acquelline is a Kenyan-born performing artist, poet, and writer. She made her debut at For Harriet Publications with her celebratory poem titled ‘To Girls With Hair Like That Of a Wild Forest’. The ode, which was crafted to encourage girls to embrace and love their beautiful, unique afro-textured hair, went on to touch over a thousand souls. She then went on to write several feature articles for Face2Face Africa. Her aim on DCF is to share her journey with other curl friends. In the process, she hopes to educate and enlighten them on the importance of nurturing thy wild forest. Connect with Acquelline on Instagram and Pinterest as well.

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