How-To Trim Your Natural Hair Using The Curly Girl Method

Curly Girl: The Handbook, was one of the first reads I picked up when I decided to grow out my relaxer. Lorraine Massey, made this curly girl (CG) method the biggest craze when it came to caring for natural hair. What was great about the book were the tips provided to afford natural hair divas, like me, the self-sufficient feeling of being able to do care for my own hair without the help of another person. Once I finished reading that book, I was sure that I was ready to conquer the world of hair. One of the best lessons I learned in the book was how to trim my own tresses.

Now there are various ways in which, one can trim thine own tresses. But with the CG method, there were certain steps that had to be followed.  If you have ever read the book, you understand that various concepts in the book were meant for people who possessed a much looser curl pattern and of course certain concepts would have to be adjusted when following the method.

Typically, if you are following the CG method for cutting or trimming your hair, you would ensure that your hair is freshly washed and completely dry so that your curls would fall naturally.

How-To Trim Your Natural Hair Using The Curly Girl MethodIn my adapted version I made sure my hair was freshly washed. But, I did not let my hair completely dry. The reason for the adjustment was simple, I refused to have my hair snag as it would if it were completely dry.  After washing my tightly coiled hair and allowing it to air dry for about an hour, I proceeded with the method. The method then instructs to cut each curl one by one. Now again, this adapted version saved me loads of time when it came to trimming. Instead of searching one by one, as I would if I were doing the search and destroy method of trimming, I choose to gather a group of strands that wasn’t too dense and trimmed the dead ends that way.

One additional main key to utilizing the CG method is recognizing your head as a clock. It sounds crazy, but that is how you achieve a nice even look. For example, If I had strands on the left side of my head that needed trimming I would pull it out to the three o’clock position or six o clock position depending on where the piece of hair is placed.  If I were trimming hair directly on top of my head, then that bad boy would be cut at the 12 o’clock position. Visuals are always helpful so check out the video above!

Happy cutting.

Felicia Wiggins
Felicia Wiggins


Cia E. also knowns as Felicia Wiggins, is a clinician by day and crazy dope content creator by night…depending on where you are in the world! Cia E. has written many informative articles and has held numerous events in order to spread the gospel of natural hair and the community it fosters. When Cia E. is not writing or saving lives you can find her dancing her life away. If this blurb wasn’t enough be sure to stay updated with her life endeavors on her Twitter, Instagram, Youtube or blog!

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