The Three H’s for Fall – Headwraps, Hair Cuffs, and Headbands

Fall is upon us and soon the leaves will be changing colors! The changing of seasons also brings an opportunity to dress our natural tresses with hair accents. For Fall accessorizing, I recommend the three H’s – Head wraps, Hair Cuffs, and Headbands!

Head Wraps

Head wraps are excellent fall accessories! With the cooler temperatures, there’s a need to protect our hair ends. Head wraps are a way to keep your ends covered and protected from the Fall air and breeze.

The Three H’s for Fall - Headwraps, Hair Cuffs, and Headbands
Inspirit Arts Short Closed Net Headwrap
  • The softer the better – When styling with head wraps, it’s important that you chose the right type of fabric to style with. Whether you use a scarf or an actual head wrap, chose a fabric that’s not coarse and is soft to the touch. Soft fabrics will minimize the friction with your textured hair and lessen breakage.
  • Avoiding head wrap headaches – Head wraps that are too tight can cause pain known as external compression headaches. These headaches are caused when continuous pressure is placed on your forehead, behind the ears, and base of the neck. To avoid pain when styling with hair accessories, I recommend you loosen your wrap and head wrap knots.

To learn more about styling with head wraps click here.

Hair Cuffs

Many naturals choose protective styles for the fall season to protect their hair during cooler months. Hair cuffs are hair jewelry that can be worn on twists, braids, or locs. Hair cuffs are a great way to add subtle detail to a protective style.

The Three H’s for Fall - Headwraps, Hair Cuffs, and Headbands
Accented Glory’s Africa Hair Cuff
  • Closed loops are good loops – If the hair jewelry you’re styling with has loops, make sure the loops are closed to avoid getting your hair tangled in the accessory. Also, check wire or metal designs for nicks to prevent additional hair snags.
  • Follow care instructions – To prolong the life of your hair jewelry, follow care instructions for the design. Depending on the type of wire used to create the jewelry; most care instructions recommend that you remove your hair cuff during tasks and activities involving water.

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Headbands are one of the most common hair accessories. They’re a stylish way to hold your hair away from your face or cover-up the frizzy edges of an old protective style! They can also be worn slightly behind your hairline for a bohemian style around the forehead.

The Three H’s for Fall - Headwraps, Hair Cuffs, and Headbands
Accented Glory‘s Cowrie Shell Adjustable Headband
  • Proper fit is key – When styling with headbands, make sure your headband is a proper fit. Your headband should not cause any pain or headaches. It should be a comfortable wear. Most adjustable headbands allow you to control tension and avoid headband headaches.
  • Save your edges – As naturals, we must also be mindful of protecting our hairline when choosing hair accessories. Too often, naturals try to flatten their hair and edges by using tight ties or bands, all along causing damage to their hairline. I recommend using hair care products to lay down your hair and edges; not hair accessories.

Read a review about Accented Glory’s Paisley Adjustable Headband here.

I hope you find these Fall styling tips helpful! If followed, these tips will help minimize damage to your hair and avoid headaches. For more information about styling with hair accessories you can purchase my styling guide – 3 Things Naturals Should Consider When Styling With Hair Accessories.

What other tips would you recommend when styling with Fall hair accessories?

Tonya Cross
Tonya Cross


Tonya Cross is the visionary of Accented Glory. Accented Glory is a handcrafted women fashion accessory brand that specialize in natural hair accessory and jewelry designs. Tonya has been natural for over 15 years and creating beautiful things by hand since childhood. She’s also a natural hair influencer and has a guide for naturals that shares tips about styling with hair accessories. Click here to learn more about her styling guide. Follow her on Instagram

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