How to Perfect Your New Year Hairstyle

Goodbye, wash and go’s! Hello, protective styles!

That’s right, it’s been way too cold to entertain the thought of me letting my hair dry on its own. It’s not a part of my winter routine.

Over here on the East Coast side of the U.S., the colder months can be brutal to both our immune systems and our hair shafts!

When the New Year rolls around I coordinate a cute holiday protective style. I want my hair ends to remain intact whilst still looking like Beyoncé’s hairstylist slayed my mane.

Though a simple bun would suffice in colder times, buns can get boring. I like to jazz up my ponytail with inexpensive hair tracks and a goddess braid to give it some pizzazz!

How to Perfect Your New Year Hairstyle

I do this look in four (4) simple steps.

  1. Detangle my hair with my Denman brush and favorite conditioner
  2. Gel my hair and mold it into a low bun
  3. Wrap my tracks around my bun and secure it with bobby pins
  4. Braid extra branding hair and secure the braid around my head

Now if this seems confusing, have no fear.

I have a video on this style that I rocked last year for the new year!

You don’t have to add the goddess braid if you feel like it’s too much. Keep in mind the addition of the added tracks helps to cover your hair ends.

Felicia Wiggins
Felicia Wiggins


Cia E. also knowns as Felicia Wiggins, is a clinician by day and crazy dope content creator by night…depending on where you are in the world! Cia E. has written many informative articles and has held numerous events in order to spread the gospel of natural hair and the community it fosters. When Cia E. is not writing or saving lives you can find her dancing her life away. If this blurb wasn’t enough be sure to stay updated with her life endeavors on her Twitter, Instagram, Youtube or blog!

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