3 Tips You Can Use to Maintain Your Ends and Prevent Dryness

Hey, Beauties! I am writing to you all today to share some tips on how to maintain the tips of your hair. Or as I like to say your “ends”. One question you may have is: “How do most females deal with dry ends?”

Let’s think about what and how your ends become dry.

The ends of your hair are the most important part of your hair because it is the farthest part from your roots. In other words, your ends are the OG’s of your hair. Having very brittle/split ends are what can cause your hair to be dry. Also, the lack of moisture on your ends is how they become dry.

Remember ladies, dry ends can lead to a lack of hair growth and unhealthy hair period.

3 Tips You Can Use to Maintain Your Ends and Prevent Dryness3 Simple Tips to Maintain Your Ends

  1. One tip is to use oil and lots of it! Being part Jamaican I grew up using Jamaican castor oil. This is one of the greatest remedies for healthy hair and moist hair.
  2. Another tip is to use water and lots of it! Water is literally what most of your body is made of. So, of course, you need to make sure you intake it as well as saturate your hair in it.
  3. And lastly, make sure your hair is evenly trimmed at all times. Freshly clipped ends are healthy. Healthy ends stay moisturized.

3 Tips You Can Use to Maintain Your Ends and Prevent DrynessBeauties send in your before and after pics if you used these tips! Let’s glow together babes.

Naomi Santos
Naomi Santos

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I’m Naomi T. An aspiring beauty blogger/brand ambassador who was born and raised in Jersey. I have a strong passion for embracing those with natural curls and connecting with young females who need help along the way! Connect with me on Instagram and Snapchat: @thelovelynay!

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  1. Naomi…… I knew about the oil but I was clueless about all that water for the hair. Thanks for the tip!…..Paula

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