Jamie Loves Her Natural Hair: A Review of an Empowering Children’s Book

Jamie Loves Her Natural Hair: A Review of an Empowering Children's Book

Ariane Roberts is a digital media entrepreneur. Known for her popular natural hair website, Black Naps. She is also the founder of ARIDEONNE, a company committed to creating online communities for women of color.  Several sites such as Curly Nikki, Madame Noire, and Naturally Curly have published her work.. For more about the author please read the following interview at Face2Face Africa .  

*Disclaimer: This book was sent to me to review but all opinions are my own.

My Opinion

After recent reports surfaced of discrimination on children whose hair was not ‘appropriate’. Ariane Roberts set out to create a book that urges young girls to love and embrace their curls.  When I got my hands on the book, I ran my fingers from page to page in awe at how lovely the book was. From the rhymes to the illustrations, to say the least, the book amazed me.

  1. I love how conscious Jamie is that her hair is different and versatile. She adorably compares it to cotton candy and explains she can wear it in a variety of styles such as braids, up do’s, and more.
  2. I appreciate that Jamie is in touch with the reality that her kind of hair is barely represented in the media. Let’s keep it real; although more individuals are embracing natural hair, the natural hair aesthetic has yet to be consistently represented in mainstream media.
  3. This book captures the essence of Black Girl Joy. The main character, Jamie, is a little black girl who is happy, content with what she has, and would not want to have her hair any other way.

I enjoyed reading this book. I am aware 19 is much older than the age 4-8 category set for this book. But this book certainly brought out my inner child. This is a read I recommend to all ages. Especially the young and impressionable girls who are at risk of believing that their hair is anything but beautiful.

This is the kind of book I wish existed when I was a child. It would have been a great help to my 8-year-old self who dealt with a lot of hair related self-esteem issues. With that in mind, I give it a 5/5 star rating.


”This uplifting body positive story is perfect to way to encourage young curly girls ages 4 – 8 to love their hair. Jamie Loves Her Natural Hair is a children’s story book about a girl who comes to realize that hers is not what is considered the mainstream. Despite this difference she has learned to love her hair’s versatility and appreciates its unique styling options. Inspired by news reports of children being told that their natural hair was not school appropriate, Ariane Roberts authored this encouraging tale for young girls of color”- Amazon.

Author: Ariane Roberts
Illustrator: Shida Davis
Genre: Children’s Book
ISBN: 978-0990368205
Pages: 24
Publisher: Arideonne Publishing
Price: 7.99

Acquelline Wanjiru
Acquelline Wanjiru


Acquelline is a Kenyan-born performing artist, poet, and writer. She made her debut at For Harriet Publications with her celebratory poem titled ‘To Girls With Hair Like That Of a Wild Forest’. The ode, which was crafted to encourage girls to embrace and love their beautiful, unique afro-textured hair, went on to touch over a thousand souls. She then went on to write several feature articles for Face2Face Africa. Her aim on DCF is to share her journey with other curl friends. In the process, she hopes to educate and enlighten them on the importance of nurturing thy wild forest. Connect with Acquelline on Instagram and Pinterest as well.

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