4 Tips to Establish and Maintain Influence In Your Niche

When I finally reached 1K followers on Twitter, I was very excited. Then I started looking at the numbers of some other natural hair influencers. Their large following made my 1K look like a small accomplishment. That same week someone in an online blogger group I’m a member of posted about micro-influencers. The post reminded me that no matter what size my audience is, I’m still an influencer. When someone takes the time to like or follow your social media platforms, it’s for a reason. The hope is that they believe you will and can provide content of value. By providing value, it builds trust and you gain influence.

Here are 4 tips for establishing and maintaining influence within your niche.

1. Be Knowledgeable

Be a forever learner! When establishing yourself as an influencer. You must become an expert in your niche topic. To be an expert, you must stay abreast of the latest trends in your area. When you gain the knowledge you become innovative. You also gain the ability to solve problems experienced by those in your target audience. Thinking and operating outside the box helps you stand out from the rest!

2. Gain Trust

Trust is something that you cannot gain overnight; it takes time. The best way to gain your audience’s trust is to provide valuable and accurate content. The information you share needs to inspire, encourage, or resolve. The best content is also easy to understand and provides some form of guidance.

3. Be Consistent

Establishing yourself as an influencer requires consistency. Even if you’re unable to share a full blog post, share something whether it’s a photo, update, and/or quote. I always cringe when I click on a blog post and the opening line is “I know I haven’t posted in a while…”

Also, when you’re going to be away for a while for unforeseen reasons, if possible let your audience know. People like consistency; it’s a way to establish trust among your niche audience. It demonstrates that you’re dependable and that you follow through.

4. Build Relationships

Many of us have heard the cliché “Rome wasn’t built in a day,” well neither are relationships. You need to take the time to build relationships with your followers. How do you do that? Engage with your followers by responding to or liking their comments/post. Acknowledge and show appreciation to your followers. They will love you for it!

To sum things up, when an opportunity presents itself, BE READY! Being prepared to provide valuable and accurate information is important. Also, if you don’t know the answer, don’t be afraid to direct them to someone who does! By doing so, you’re less likely to lose a follower and more likely to gain someone’s trust. With that trust comes the power of influence! To learn more about becoming an influencer and digital marketing, click here to join my entrepreneur Facebook support group.

What other tips would you offer to someone who desires to be an influencer?

Tonya Cross
Tonya Cross


Tonya Cross is the visionary of Accented Glory. Accented Glory is a handcrafted women fashion accessory brand that specialize in natural hair accessory and jewelry designs. Tonya has been natural for over 15 years and creating beautiful things by hand since childhood. She’s also a natural hair influencer and has a guide for naturals that shares tips about styling with hair accessories. Click here to learn more about her styling guide. Follow her on Instagram

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