5 Reasons to Big Chop Over the Summer

5 Reasons to Big Chop Over the Summer

Summer is for fun and being carefree. There’s nothing better than letting go of the responsibility of taking care of your hair or to let go of old, damaged hair. If you have been thinking of making a change to your style or even a lifestyle change, a big chop may be the way to go. There are many reasons that people big chop and I’ve compiled a few good reasons to take your hair from ‘blah’ to ‘wow’ this summer.

Reason #1

The summer should be spent frolicking and living care-free not consuming your days with “wash-days.” We all know how this goes when you have an entire wash-day regimen that literally takes 6 to 8 hours of deep conditioning, steaming, detangling, etc. For some, it may require an entire weekend of careful execution. I can attest that after a big chop, you no longer have to worry about this tedious process and you can spend your time lazing around the pool instead.

Reason # 2

You can breeze through getting ready to go out with your girls. Styling a big chop is usually unnecessary. “I woke up like this” will be your summer mantra. And you will love it!

Reason # 3

When the temperature rises and the heat becomes unbearable, you’ll appreciate having a big chop. You won’t have a ton of hair weighing you down nor will you be worried about sweating out your hair.

Reason # 4

Anything that saves money is a win for me. Not having to constantly replenish hair products was one good reason for me to big chop. The way some people spend their money on hair care products, they could help fund a summer excursion. The less hair you have, the less money you’ll spend on hair care.

Reason # 5

There are so many cool ways to rock a big chop. I’m not going to lie, when I big chopped, I was so focused on growing my hair back that I didn’t take the time to enjoy my new “do.” I regret not playing with the style and doing fun stuff with it like trying a new colour or having a tapered cut. It’s already short and it will ultimately grow so take the time to experiment. If you’re on summer break from school, you can grow out your shaved sides by the time school resumes in September.

5 Reasons to Big Chop Over the Summer

Cutting your hair is a major decision but if you are even thinking about it, I suggest you use this summer as an opportunity to reinvent yourself with this style. Take a look at these hair inspirations that can take your big chop to a new level; from different colours to different cuts, these big chops are summer-ready.

Candace Gordon
Candace Gordon

Executive Assistant

Candace is a natural beauty enthusiast from Jamaica, currently residing in Canada. She’s been natural since 2013 and is constantly trying to learn more about natural hair. Candace loves to share information about hair health and wellness. When she’s not busy juggling everyday life, she’s working on her YouTube channel or watching The Walking Dead. Connect with Candace on Instagram!

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