5 Small Businesses You Can Start in the Natural Hair Community

5 Small Businesses You Can Start in the Natural Hair Community

It’s no secret that the natural hair community is booming. Small and large businesses alike are profiting from the natural hair movement. If you have a passion for natural hair and you are looking for a side hustle, then why not profit as well? People are making money with their talents and passion using free and inexpensive marketing tools.

If you brainstorm and do a little research, you can find tons of ways to start a small business in the natural hair community with little to no funds. Thanks to social media and online tools, you could start a business today! I’ve come up with five small businesses you can start in the natural hair community, hoping this will inspire you to get your entrepreneurial fire burning.

5 Small Businesses You Can Start in the Natural Hair Community

Start a Natural Hair Instagram Page

Lots of people are using social media, especially Instagram, to get noticed, and believe it or not, they have turned their Instagram followers into a business. A large number of loyal followers can translate into a business through advertising. If you have, say, over a thousand followers, then other businesses may pay you to feature their products on your page.

Make and/or Sell Hair Accessories

The natural hair community has its trends. Entrepreneurs can profit from these trends with a little foresight and research. For example, hair wraps are really hot right now. If you can sew, then you can make your own hand-made hair wraps. Another hair accessory, which isn’t really a trend but more of a necessity, are satin scarves. Many naturalistas swear by sleeping on satin, whether on a pillowcase or in a scarf or bonnet. Consider other satin hair products as well, such as scrunchies, hair ties, beanies—the list is endless.

Create a Natural Hair Blog

If you consider yourself a natural hair connoisseur of sorts, then maybe writing and monetizing a blog can put some extra money in your pocket. Be warned, this gig isn’t as easy as it looks. However, with consistent, informative and beneficial content, you can turn this into more than a side hustle. There are many successful bloggers out there who, with consistency and hard work, have managed to turn their blogs into full-time income.

Become a Stylist

Not everyone knows how to cornrow or install braids, but if you do, then why not hook your friends up?—For a fee of course! Start by doing a great job for your friends and family and ask them to put the word out for you. This is a great way to make some additional income without having to spend much on start-up costs.

Make and Sell Your Own Natural Hair Products

This can be expensive, however, there are many examples of people who started out making products in their kitchens, and who eventually turned this small enterprise into a successful empire. You can use great sites such as Etsy to get your products out there. Additionally, you can partner with Youtubers and bloggers to help get your products in front of their audiences.

Candace Gordon
Candace Gordon

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