3 Summer Hair Habits You Can Use This Fall

3 Summer Hair Habits You Can Use This Fall

It seems like it was yesterday when we bought those Versace shades and high waisted bikinis for the beach. Unfortunately, summer is coming to an end and our hair regimen has to change for the fall.

Before you start piling those products into a crate for storage, here are three hair habits you can use in the fall that worked wonders in the summer.

1. Condition, Condition, Condition

We use a lot of conditioner in the summer to have our curls pop and not have to depend on a strong hold gel. As fall approaches we can still use those same conditioners to ensure our hair is deep conditioned! Fall is the gateway to colder climate transitions. So we want to prepare our hair to keep moisture in our strands. Conditioners are definitely keepers!

2. Keep your hair short

Most women in the summer tend to have a short hair look. The thought of your curly coils hitting your back makes you feel sticky so you end up putting it in a bun. You can keep that bun right where it is. Tucked ends in the fall can help to retain length as well so that your hair ends are not rubbing up against your favorite sweater.

3. Wash your hair often

We tend to sweat more in the summer. Due to intense runs outdoors or laying out on the beach with our hair laid out on a towel. Because of the buildup of sebum we can be more inclined to wash our hair more to get rid of dirt or sweat. As fall approaches we can still continue to wash our hair two or three times a week.

3 Summer Hair Habits You Can Use This Fall

A common misconception is that kinkier hair shouldn’t be washed often because it will be stripped of oils. Though this would be true if we were constantly washing with sulfates. It doesn’t stand true if you choose to wash with a sulfate-free shampoo or washing with a conditioner. In fact, our hair loves water and the more water you apply to hair the happier it will be as water is the only TRUE moisturizer!

What habits will you care over from the summer into fall this year? Let us know in the comments section below!

Felicia Wiggins
Felicia Wiggins


Cia E. also knowns as Felicia Wiggins, is a clinician by day and crazy dope content creator by night…depending on where you are in the world! Cia E. has written many informative articles and has held numerous events in order to spread the gospel of natural hair and the community it fosters. When Cia E. is not writing or saving lives you can find her dancing her life away. If this blurb wasn’t enough be sure to stay updated with her life endeavors on her Twitter, Instagram, Youtube or blog!

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